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Intermodal transport
Intermodal transport involves the transportation of goods using at least one mode of transport. The basic principle of this type of translocation is the use of only one form of loading, such as a container or interchangeable body, for the entire duration of the transport.
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Pickup point in Poland
The pick-up sector has been growing rapidly for several years, and this is due to the increasing popularity of the e-commerce market. According to a report by ExpertSender, in 2020, more than 79% of Poles who had access to the Internet (which is 85% nationwide) made purchases online. Until recently, courier companies had a dominant position in the sector of delivering packages to customers.
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KEP in Poland
The courier, express and postal delivery market, or KEP for short, has been experiencing continuous growth for many years now, and its value growth has surpassed the ceiling of PLN 17 billion. This is according to the latest "Polish CEP Report 2022". So let's take a look at the details.
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Omnichannel in Poland
Omnichannel is a concept that is becoming more and more important in the e-commerce industry. Specialists are still wondering about the exact definition of this expression, and the phenomenon itself is already present in business.
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Ecological parcel delivery
E-commerce is developing every year, which means that logistics companies face new challenges every day. Logistics processes and timeliness are a daily bread for a logistician. And where in all this is the equally important topic of ecology?
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Courier collection devices.
The exponential growth rate of the e-commerce sector results in thousands of packages being delivered around the world every day. Such a powerful process is extremely complicated and costly, and requires customized solutions. With help comes technological developments, namely parcel machines, which are gaining popularity among consumers. In addition to the Parcel Machines of the popular operator Inpost, a real revolution is brewing in the market, and this is leading to more conveniences and benefits for the final recipient.
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E-commerce is the e-future
There are two specific industries that are linked by an unbreakable bond. One is experienced, with well-established principles and traditions, while the other stands out for its freshness and enormous potential for opportunities. The transportation industry, as well as e-commerce, for these are the service markets in question, still has many challenges and unknowns ahead. Adapting to rapid transformations and being able to turn the perception of a threat into an opportunity will be crucial for carriers and e-commerce players. So what are the predictions?
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