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Informujemy, że do czasu odwołania nie będzie możliwości nadawania przesyłek do Wielkiej Brytanii za pośrednictwem SP Express. 

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The idea of ​​Logistics in the "Green" mode was created for obvious reasons, which is our concern for the environment and, consequently, ourselves. Our future, our children and the entire planet.
A number of organizations around the world have started taking action to combat the climate crisis. With greater or lesser success, they try to compensate for the damage caused by their activities or at least educate and raise awareness.

Unfortunately, logistics, which has such a significant impact on the current situation, is not excessively involved in the fight against the climate crisis - SPX is moving from the side of observers to the side of activists!

From the beginning of the operation of our group of logistics companies, the key issue was optimization - both of costs and delivery times of shipments. However, we never realized how important CO2 emission optimization was and still is.
It was only when developing a system for calculating CO2 emissions and comparing emission calculation methods that it became clear how important the optimization we were introducing was. By using local branches in given countries, consolidation and collective transport directly to the destination country, we significantly reduce CO2 emissions of individual shipments and on this basis we can continue further optimization, i.e. activation of collection points, replacing combustion cars with electric and hydrogen cars, if possible, and selecting subcontractors supporting our guidelines.

Our green activity consists of many very ambitious plans, but in order to fight the enemy, which in our case is the carbon footprint, it must be properly interpreted.
We start by implementing an IT tool that will allow us to calculate the CO2 emissions of each shipment we handle and present this data to the sender and recipient. From the beginning of 2024, we will start the climate compensation process by engaging or initiating a number of ecological actions.
Another and, in our opinion, key element of the implementation, due to the effects that are easy to achieve, will be the consolidation of international parcel collection points (PUDO) and making them available under one plug-in, so that they are accessible to mass senders.
There have already been many reports confirming the significant impact of choosing parcel delivery to a point on reducing CO2 emissions - it's time for them to be combined into one, at least European, network of points...
In addition to physical activities, i.e. optimization of emissions, implementation of IT tools or greening, advisory activities in the field of ecology in logistics will be crucial for us. We have established a team to conduct regular publications on how to implement alternative solutions in companies, such as implementing ecological packaging, reducing the number of consumer returns or introducing changes in the warehouse.

We will keep you updated about all projects via our LinkedIn account and blog on the website.
We hope that our customers and partners will take an active part in our ecological activities.

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